course by Polina Nioly
Get complex knowledge on how to promote and monetize your social networks
Learn the effective promotion system needed for all social networks, used by Polina herself
Gain knowledge that will let you promote and monetize any social networks
Total value of prizes is over $7,000!
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Personal brand
Stop using substandard instagram courses
Most courses ARE only about Instagram
Our modern world uses far more than Instagram, so there are numerous networks waiting for you to use, develop, and earn millions.
Most students in other courses do not pay off their training, lose motivation, and never finish the course
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Through BlogChain, you'll discover there are far more ways to monetize your skills!
Who is this course for?
For Beginners
BlogChain will give you tools for earning to charge you for success!
For Bloggers
You will learn how to monetize your skills on various platforms and create a system of effective promotion on social networks.
For Experts behind the scenes
You will understand how to increase your average check, master in-demand skills of promoting and scaling social networks.
For Experts from related fields
You will obtain additional skills and will be able to provide clients with complex services for the development of social networks.
For beginners, it can be hard to grasp what working online means
But why wait to think it over and try to understand it yourself, when you can dive into this course, get all the information you need to immediately put into practice.
What will you get out of this course?
Instead of small milestones - high income and collaboration with top clients
By applying all you learn from this course, you will increase your income tenfold from working with big bloggers and other high profile clients on the market
Instead of searching endlessly for customers - a well-structured system for finding clients
After this course, you will understand not only how to find clients, but more importantly, make them find you. You will also learn how to confidently write contracts that no one can refuse
Instead of inapplicable tips and tricks - a supportive growth system
The lectures are designed to provide you with a clear system of actions that will directly lead you to your goals
How did I become an expert?
Polina @Nioly
Blogger with 1.4 million followers
One of the fastest growing social media bloggers
Producer of musicians and infoproducts in the American market
More than 5,000 students who have successfully completed courses
Income starting at $205 000 every month
Master a unique system of monetization and promotion on any social networks
BASIC LEVEL (preparation)
The result of the Basic level:
You'll immediately set goals for the course, which will help you stay focused and cast away any doubt of your success. You'll create a model for making money within social networks, plus learning how to look for clients and write contract offers.
How to start? Why are you on this project?
How to prepare for training. Setting your goal for the course.
Planning in the context of learning.
Models of making money in social networks. Which one suits you.
How to make a case to make money during or immediately after the course.
10 ways to find a client to pay off the course during training.
Impostor Syndrome. Non-trivial and working methods to fight the syndrome.
How to write a cooperation offer that nobody is able to decline.
1.1 The concept of a profitable blog on Instagram
block 1
Result of the 1st BLOCK:
You'll fully package your blog and determine the ways to monetize it.
Additional materials:
1.2 Unpacking of your Personality. Insight into yourself and your uniqueness
Additional materials:
Personality. Insight into yourself and your uniqueness
1.3 Target audience
Additional materials:
1.4 Basic blog packaging
Additional materials:
1.5 Blog visual
Additional materials:
1.1 The concept
of a profitable blog on Instagram
1.2 Unpacking of your
The secret puzzle of a successful blog.
The concept of the blog and its purpose + positioning.
The structure that only a promising blog has.
Concept workbook.
Guide - analysis of popular bloggers on Instagram and secrets of their rapid growth.
Finding key points of the blog.
Basic unpacking of personality for further work.
Recommendations on how to make a competent analysis of target audience.
A table on the analysis of the blog's target audience.
Example of a follower questionnaire.
Blog packaging structural tool.
Examples of good and bad packaging.
Color types. Creating a color map.
Visual concept. How to stand out and create a recognizable style.
Moodboard for shooting.
Choice of ideas to design posts.
Ideas for packaging Highlights.
Basic shooting rules.
Matching of posts. Analysis of common mistakes.
Get to know your Target Audience and learn why this is the most important step before packaging and promotion.
How to define the readiness of a blog for further work - Checklist.
Moodboards for shooting and choice of references.
Search and highlight your characteristics, uniqueness, and individuality
Table of unpacking + video instructions for working with the table.
Examples of Stories that can be made in a blog to analyze your target audience.
Determination of expertise. A table-structural tool to work with your expert strengths.
Personality in the blog. Content + context
block 2
Result of the 2nd BLOCK:
You will learn how to communicate your personality truthfully in a blog, generate exciting content, and examine the context of your work.
Additional materials:
The role of content in a blog. Why meanings are more important than form.
Blogging personality. How to find the zest of your blog so that people would like to follow it.
Content plan template.
Storytelling constructor.
Blog context. What it is and how to work with it.
Blog storytelling. The art of telling stories.
Types of storytelling and how to use them in different situations.
Designer of selling posts.
Blog Texts. How to Write Interesting Posts.
3.1 Basic principles of storytelling
block 3
Result of the 3rd BLOCK:
You will learn how to set up and create stories, build storylines, and boost subscribers and viewership to your content.
Additional materials:
3.2 Insider block from story maker
Additional materials:
VLOG - One day of shooting Polina's stories
An example of creating content for the day.
Basic principles of creating blog storylines.
A single chain of history for the day. How to start the day and how to end it.
What to shoot in a story? Diversity.
Life hacks for shooting stories from Polina.
Apps to create Stories.
Story design - basic Instagram tools.
A choice of applications for working with stories.
Moodboards to define the personal identity.
Compatible font pairs.
Storyline constructor and blog drama.
10 story mistakes Bloggers make.
Coverage as currency. Ways to increase your blog's reach.
Basic principles of storytelling in stories.
Constructor of content plan for stories.
A recognizable style and how to create it.
Working with text in Stories.
4.1 Introduction to the direction. Promotion manager
block 4
Result of the 4th BLOCK:
You will understand how to effectively promote yourself on social networks with the goal of making money and growing your brand.
4.2 The basics of promoting accounts on social media
Знакомство с собой и своей уникальностью
4.3 Additional module lectures
1.1 Концепция
1.2 Распаковка ЛИЧНОСТИ.
How to make an offer that no one will want to decline.
Target audience - "the basis of the basics" in competent promotion.
Working with other sites or networks. Driving the audience.
Personal brand of the manager and promotion of yourself as an expert in social networks.
Lecture from a lawyer. You'll see contract templates, including all the necessary elements of how to protect yourself before starting your work.
Statistics analysis of stories, posts, and other theoretical foundations necessary for work.
Price of subscriber, unsubscribe. How to calculate the "rate". How to track stats. With which of them advertising is considered to be working.
Ad presentation. Types of promotional ads. How to create a working ad presentation step by step. Ads promotion constructor.
Promotion of bloggers, experts and commerce. Possible ways.
Purchase of advertising as the main effective form of promotion. Rules for choosing advertising sites and their analytics.
Advertising budget. What should it be and how to calculate it?
Collaborations with brands and media personalities.
Analysis of effective advertising. Controlling its start. An example of maintaining a table of ad outputs and analytics.
Analysis of mistakes in promotion. Learn how to accurately stick to a budget and still deliver the maximum result.
Responsibilities of the manager during promotion, analysis of conflict situations. The area of responsibility of the manager and the client.
Promotion strategy.
Road Map Promotion.
Eco-friendly hype: examples of use with Polina's clients.
Advertising submissions for media personalities.
Working with the negative. How negativity affects promotion.
Blog advertising as a start. How to sell Ad, the tips for working with advertising. Where to find customers for collaboration.
Who needs a manager and how to offer your services. For what people pay $300/$500/$700/$1000.
Who is a blogger manager and why this profession does not lose its relevance, but only grows.
5.1 Monetizing your personal brand with social media
block 5
Result of the 5th BLOCK:
You will learn how to monetize personal and commercial accounts on social networks by getting a business-ready income strategy from us, with income levels starting at $600 - $4,000.
5.2 Monetizing commercial accounts
Знакомство с собой и своей уникальностью
5.3 Warm-ups
1.1 Концепция
1.2 Распаковка ЛИЧНОСТИ.
5.4 Income strategy for a manager
5.5 Social media marketing
additional materials:
The workbook of the Block 5.
How to become a dream manager. The skills you need.
Competently implement your authentic personality into a commercial account.
Basic principles of warm-up in the blog.
Why classic SMM doesn't work here. Business account monetization mistakes.
10 ways to monetize a commercial account.
Build a concept of work and reveal personality.
How warm-ups work in commercial accounts.
The customer's path to buying a service / product (creating a purchase funnel).
Triggers in warm-ups and sales.
8 steps for high-quality account monetization on social networks.
Basic principles of successful monetization.
Principles of work behind the scenes. All ways to make money on other people's accounts.
Personal video-trajectories for step-by-step growth in income:
А. Reach $1000
В. Reach $2000
С. Reach $5000
Strategy for the first million on the blog.
Strategy for the first million for the manager.
MVP of your product / service. How to earn more.
We improve the final product / service.
Building relationships with the final consumer.
How to competently convey your product to the final consumer.
Working with clients
block 6
Result of the 6th BLOCK:
You will learn how to look for clients and how to deliver high caliber work.
Знакомство с собой и своей уникальностью
1.1 Концепция
1.2 Распаковка ЛИЧНОСТИ.
Webinar record from the team lead, Alena
Analysis of feedback and feedback for improvement.
Drawing up an offer step by step. What does the client want to see?
Every way to find a client for your services.
Pricing for your services.
Interaction with the client. We build relationships and define areas of responsibility.
Client reporting system.
Life hacks of working with a client from Polina.
Team. Project management. Delegation
block 7
Result of the 7th BLOCK:
Build your own team and understand how to effectively delegate authority.
Знакомство с собой и своей уникальностью
1.1 Концепция
1.2 Распаковка ЛИЧНОСТИ.
Delegation. When is it time? How to do it right and not spend your entire budget?
Mind map of the team. What kind of specialists do you need for stable work?
Separation of employees and their responsibilities.
Reporting system and employee motivation.
How to be a leader who is valued by employees and who achieves company results.
block 8
Result of the 8th BLOCK:
You'll get the needed tools to tackle the technical and logistical aspects of launching a successful business- everything that will bring you more income, opportunities, and growth.
Знакомство с собой и своей уникальностью
1.1 Концепция
1.2 Распаковка ЛИЧНОСТИ.
Creation of your agency / center.
Technical aspects. Choice of the payment system.
Features of working with chatbots. How to increase sales with it?
Sales department. How to organize it? How to control the work?