INCOME of 5,000 RUB (~$70) PER MONTH INCREASED TO 100,000 RUB (~$1400)
«This job will give you the skills to depend on no one but yourself»
Before the course, my only job was working in a court, which paid me 5,000 RUB (~$70) a month. I had zero knowledge on any other skills.
But now, my monthly income is 100,000 RUB (~$1400)! I was managing 6 different accounts, which gave me the skills to secure a high profile job at an IT company.
When you work in this industry, you get the freedom to make your own path. You will make the money you need to do everything you want!
I had subscribed to Polina for years, though never taken this course. When registration opened, I thought, "it's now or never".
I was hesitant to sign up because I had only ever worked for the state service. When I shared my desire for a change, my family and friends would ask, "Are you really going to work on the internet at 40? What are you going to do?".
My job now gives me the opportunity to travel, set my own schedule (I've got my weekends back!), and wake up and go to bed when I want. The best part is the ability to choose the clients I want to work with.
No one understood my desires nor supported me, which only contributed to my fears of not having any stability. Though, the stability I had was only giving me 5,000 RUB (~$70) a month.
This course helped me realize that I did not want to return to the state service, but rather to develop as much knowledge in the SSM industries. I was motivated to do well on the course because of the opportunity to join Polina's team or be given a meaningful recommendation from her.
You can travel, visit all your favorite places, and be the one who decides who you work with, and what you do! You are free from depending on anyone else.
Upon finishing "Manageryata", I was award second place! Immediately after training, I began writing to employers that were vetted by Polina herself, and quickly found bloggers and other opportunities. I was offered to maintain two accounts for a travel agency, a cat cafe, along with an IT company.
Once on the course, I enjoyed doing my homework more than I ever imagined, sometimes staying up late in the evening to finish. It was difficult to balance my court job, studies, and social life, but working through this gave me restraint, discipline, and opened the possibility of working on Instagram. I learned how to edit videos, process photos, write texts, with bloggers, and so much more. One might think there are elementary skills, but I promise you, they are not.
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