EARNS FROM 100,000 (~$1400) TO 150,000 (~$2000) RUB PER MONTH ON SEVERAL PROJECTS
«This course helped me learn which direction I wanted to take with my life, and all my goals were achieved.»
Before the course, I earned 40,000 RUB (~$540) a month doing content management of commercial accounts. Even though I knew my skills would be relevant for working with personal blogs, I wasn't comfortable with this direction yet. I needed guidance, so I bought this course.
I'm now working as a freelance production / project manager, earning 100, 000 - 150,000 RUB ($1400-$2000) monthly.
I even got a promotion at my main job, which is a club association that includes three channels. I'm now responsible for all the social network and website content.
I am also a copywriter for the Entrepreneurs Club.
Through my work as a photographer, I now have connections with big musical projects: the musical band Frendzona, the musical artists Neksusha, Emelevskaya, and more.
And for those who may have doubts about buying the course : put those doubts aside! I promise you, it is more than worth it. This course is for anyone looking to develop the needed skills to work in the SMM and online industries. Everything you learn can be directly applied to a wide range of lucrative jobs.
I am very happy I decided to jump in, take the course, and not wait any longer. I hope you do the same and reach all your personal, professional, and financial goals.
The opportunity to become a member of Polina's team was an added bonus!
Though I was overworked, I did not want to give up. Due to the meaningful feedback from the curators, who pointed out both my blind zones and strengths, they help me stay motivated. It is thanks to them that I realized the direction I wanted in life.
The course lecture on account unpacking was especially useful; the push to look for all possible variants to develop the skills of seeing oneself as an expert truly turned me into one.
In looking back, I remember very clearly working on "Manageryata", because, at the same time, I was graduating from university with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. My days were spent in class, while my nights were spent on this course.
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