Anna Shvets

Photography and visual
Format: online

Name and surname: Anna Shvets
Link to the Instagram account: sh.vets
Telegram username: @HelloShvets

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: more $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


My fees start at $ 500. You can write to me for details:)

Expertise and experience

Hello, my name is Anna. Me and my team create visual content that is used by more than 10 million users. Our photos were published by Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, Amazon, Viсe and others.

6 years experience in the content creation:
creating visual brand strategies, preparing creative briefs & guidelines, planning and coordinating the content production process, photography, videography, color correction, retouching, video editing.

Here you can see my team’s work

I can help you write a social media strategy, create a content plan and help or create content that will help you sell your services or products.

Process and results

We will make a call to determine the goals to be achieved. Within a week I will return to you with suggestions on how we will realize all your goals)

The result of our work can be both a ready-made strategy for development and visual content (design of posts, feeds, stories, montage of Reels or TikToks)