Krystyna Buleha

Format: online

Name and surname: Krystyna Buleha

Link to the Instagram account: __k.i.__

Telegram username: @Kristina_Ihorevna

Date of publication: 18.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


For free during the first month, then the payment may be discussed 

Expertise and experience

I’ve been working as an SMM specialist with educational profiles, ecological festivals, clothes shops, and video productions. In the advertisement, I worked with FB/IG ads, Vk ads, TikTok ads, and MyTarget. Budgets from 100 till 500 $/day. Niches: clothes, business, ecology, education. Also, I have worked as a freelance copywriter for blogs, news media, and social media. I have completed the course BlogChain where gained all the necessary skills to work with personal and expert blogs, in ways of management, promotion, and monetization.

Process and results

In terms of full SMM: unpacking of personality or business identity, packing social media on the basis of gained information, development of the topics, values, and positions that would be translated, editing of a content plan for each social media, planning and realization of promotion and marketing and ways of monetization. Copywriting, photo editing, community management, and other additional things may be discussed. Except for complex SMM, I may provide projects with selected elements.

As a result, the client will have the ability to close his or her goals in social media, will have a packed and prepared profile (s), plans for promotion and monetization, and all the necessary support for their realization.
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