Daria Symonova

Blog/business promotion
Format: online/offline

Name and surname: Daria Symonova
Link to the Instagram account: daryasymonova
Telegram username: @DariaSymonova

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: free

Expertise and experience
Process and results


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Expertise and experience

Recently I have finished the course specializing in the development, promotion, and monetization of social networks. There I got deep, strong knowledge about business/blog packaging, expert/personal/commercial blog promotion/advertising/monetization. Based on this knowledge I have successfully completed homework assignments and now I am ready to apply everything I know working with clients.

Process and results

Online (call, video call, messages, email) or personal meeting in New York. I can help you pack your blog, make a target audience analysis. Consult and advise business owners/experts in various niches/personal blogs on creating an individual SMM-strategy, will share useful tools for work, ideas for shooting, tips for engaging content creating (along with visual concept, proper storytelling and blog texts).Can be a mentor for beginners in the field of SMM.

I will find, explain and fix mistakes that you have done in your existing blog, will increase sales and amount of followers, reach a new level of recognition and income.