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Format: online

Name and surname: Alexandra Petrovich

Link to the Instagram account: alexandrapetrovich

Telegram username: @alexandrapetrovich

Date of publication: 19.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Price and conditions will be discussed individually, according to the number of services we agree on.

Expertise and experience

I work in an international marketing agency and design promotion strategies for big clients (banks, telecom operators, pharmaceutical companies). As I work in an agency, I always find out about new platforms and ad formats first, so by working with me, you will have a competitive advantage.
Besides, I am working as a freelancer, and currently, I am promoting a fitness accessories brand on different platforms. I have experience working on various social media and I will be happy to help you grow online.

Process and results

Firstly, we will have a call so I can find out what services you/your business need right now. Then, I will provide a detailed strategy of our work with a timeline and expected outcomes. We can agree on some particular services or I can create and implement a whole promotion strategy according to your request. The promotion strategy includes different types of paid promotions combined in order to achieve the best result.
No matter what amount of services we agree on, detailed reports will be provided to you during my work on the project.

The result depends on what your product is, it will be either growing your following on social media or an increase in sales for your business. If needed, these two goals can be combined and I will create an effective strategy to maximize both of them.
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