Anhelina Kalenchenko

Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Anhelina Kalenchenko
Link to the Instagram account: linakalenchenko
Telegram username: @linakalenchenko

Date of publication: 21.10

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


We will discuss fixed interest rate on the future income before our cooperation.

Expertise and experience

I`ve finished an international course on brand promotion in social media "Blogchain". Also, I have 5-year experience as a pr-manager for the glossy magazine. I started working in this team at the moment the magazine was just founded and worked on its development. I’m good at planning an effective future activity of the company and working with international media clients.

Process and results

• Full analysis of the account (TA, competitors), unpacking the personality.
• After all the analysis carried out, we develop personal promotion and monetization strategies.
• Packaging review. If necessary, I will do visual and edit texts.
• Developing content plans, storytelling plans and advertising scenarios.
• Creating sales funnels and warm-ups.
• Preparing Ad presentation.

• Revealing your personality = increase audience loyalty.
• Finding key ideas for development and monetization. Raise sales and reach.
• Getting an expert with whom you will develop easier and faster.