Mariia Siaskova

Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Mariia Siaskova

Link to the Instagram account: maria_monstera

Telegram username: @siaskova_maria

Date of publication: 16.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


— 1 hour consultation on the client’s blog — $ 50 — Full profile analysis, unpacking personality, blog packaging — $ 150 — Instagram blog manager (content plan, editing, posting) starting from $ 1,000/month

Expertise and experience

I have experience in Blog management. Right now I’m manager for this blog At this blog I’ve done full personality unpacking and created a visual and content concept, packaging the account. On this blog I am responsible for taking photos/ videos for feed, stories, Reels, editing, posting. I generate ideas for all the content, and make content plans for its feed, stories, and Reels.

Process and results

For my future clients, I can offer test weeks or months of my services to get to know me better as a professional. I will provide a detailed content plan every week in a Google Sheets format, edit photos and video. And I can also post all the content. Weekly and monthly reports will provide a detailed information on all the work done by me.

Working with me, the client will get a clear understanding of why they need an Instagram account for their business and how to present themselves. I will guide the client into the world of interesting and quality content and will help them with creating, editing, and posting. With my services the client will get a loyal audience, that help them to sell their product or services in the future.
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