Darja Rusjanovska

Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Darja Rusjanovska

Link to the Instagram account: d_rusjanovska

Telegram username: @da_rus

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The package of a full blog management and promotion costs 600 $ per month. It includes all the individual services mentioned above. Service prices: Brand / personality unpacking: 50 $. Blog and target audience analysis: 80 $. Visual content creation (12 photos): 100 $. Detailed promotion + monetization strategy for 3 months: 300 $. Stories + content planning: 200 $/month. Price of an individual package can be discussed separately.

Expertise and experience

Study experience: the international course BlogChain and course "Manageryata" by Nioly.

Bachelor degree in Marketing Management.

Work experience:
— promotion manager for the Latvian jewelry brand;
— content creator and promotion manager for the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation;
— content photographer for personal accounts.

Process and results

I can provide some certain services and service packages. My services: personality / brand unpacking, blog and target audience analysis, visual creation, stories + content planning, choosing advertising campaigns, creation of promotion and monetization strategies, etc. Service packages are different combinations of services mentioned above. We can plan and discuss it for your case.

Results depend on your blog goals. We can strive to achieve the follower growth and to attract a loyal audience, or increase sales of your services by approximately 20%. Also, we can set a goal to grow your publicity and increase media coverage. I promise to help you achieve your financial or other goals.
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