Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Anastasia
Link to the Instagram account: nastay_eliseeva
Telegram username: @anastasieli

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The consultation is free. Audit of the blog and promotional strategy cost 200 $. Other services like search for the collaborations/creating a content plan or Reels/managing TikTok discussed individually.

Expertise and experience

I got a little experience, but I already did analysis for a couple dozen blogs to start making the highest quality promotion strategies. To make them work (grow your blog/your recognition) I’m always trying new features based on the knowledge I have.

Process and results

First of all, we will start with a consultation where we will discuss your blog/goals/what resources/budget you have already and how we can work together.
After the meeting (in 3−4 working days) I will analyze the blog and create the detailed promotional strategy based on our talk and possibilities we have discussed. After this you can ask all the questions you have and we will make your goals come true.

The results will depend on your goals.
When all conditions of the strategy are met, we will surely see: growth of the followers (your target audience which is an important part) and also increased loyalty of the people.
Moreover we’ll raise your recognition and monetize your blog/product.