Elizabeth So

Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Elizabeth So
Link to the Instagram account: solilybeth
Telegram username: @solilybeth

Date of publication: 21.10

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


$ 100 for initial consultation, competitor analysis, and target audience analysis. $ 100 for strategy and content plan. $ 75 for statistics and feedback analysis. $ 75 — to write collaboration offers for 3 content creators

Expertise and experience

With a business degree and having recently completed a course on blog promotion, I have a well-developed skill for blog and business promotion. I’ve explored various promotion methods during my studies, and have studied and analyzed various case studies on the promotional and marketing strategies of successful and unsucessful businesses. I can bring new perspectives and ideas to your blog or business promotion

Process and results

Competitor analysis and target audience analysis will be conducted. Then a strategy and content plan will be developed, which will consist of promotional content (paid and unpaid), and content that can go viral. The statistics of this content will be analyzed after its posting, and the strategy will be adapted accordingly

The number of followers will increase to 10,000 in one month. Sales will reach $ 2000 in one month. Personal blogs will have offers for sponsorships and collaborations from other creators or brands, and businesses will get feedback from paying customers.