Margarita Skacenko

Blog/business promotion
Format: online

Name and surname: Margarita Skacenko
Link to the Instagram account: ritaskacenko
Telegram username: @ritaskacenko

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Free short-term project in exchange for feedback and case. For other projects — 10 days free trial. It can include a briefing session and account audit with recommendations. Plus other tasks of your choice. If you like the result, we can continue our collaboration for a low price.

Expertise and experience

No prior experience yet, but I offer you to evaluate my skills in other way. I can show you some examples of the work I did during a social media management course. I am also ready to do a free test task for your account.

Process and results

Promotion strategy for your blog or business. Account audit, personality unpacking and target audience analysis. Blog packaging. Selection of sites for collaborations and advertising. Creation of an ad presentation, communication with bloggers, control of the ad release. Targeted advertising.

Effective strategy adapted to your budget, goals and personality. Audience growth and/or increased attention to the product. Attractive, fully packed account. Higher organic reach and engagement with the audience. Increased brand awareness, transparency and loyalty.