Vasileva Ekaterina

Production and launch of online schools
Format: online

Name and surname: Vasileva Ekaterina

Link to the Instagram account: kathie.sila

Telegram username: @k_vasyaa

Date of publication: 18.04

Price rate: %

Expertise and experience
Process and results


For the first collaboration, I offer a job for a percentage of the profit from the launch. In this case, you don’t lose anything in any scenario, because if there is an income, then we will both earn, and if not, then you don’t risk anything — the win-win strategy. We can discuss the percentage itself during further communication, it will depend on the situation, but it will not be more than 50%.

Expertise and experience

I have been running my blog for about 4 years. During this time, I have conducted more than 15 launches on the topic of psychology, relationships and personality types. I know from experience all the features of launches for soft niches. I am very well versed in Instagram and the principles of its management, I have taken many courses on this topic. Also I am the producer of other bloggers in beauty niches.

Process and results

First of all, we will unpack your personality and define your expertise. Next, we will analyze your blog, audience, and their requests — we will do a customer development. Next, we will develop a product funnel with a description of each product. Together we will prepare products — methodology, design, technical component. And next step — create warm-up for the sale of the product on your blog. Of course, we will also work on the product after sales.

You will be able to reveal yourself better in the blog, which will increase the loyalty of your subscribers. We will also inform them about your expertise, which will allow you to better monetize the blog. You will get to know your target audience, understand who they are and how to work with them. And thanks to a well-thought-out product funnel, you will begin to receive a stable, high income from the blog. Gradually only increasing it, thanks to the development of products.
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