Silaeva Maria

Marketing and monetization
Format: online

Name and surname: Silaeva Maria
Link to the Instagram account: mira_quer
Telegram username: @mariasiva

Date of publication: 21.10

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


200 $ a month as I’m a beginner

Expertise and experience

I’ve recently completed an international course on SMM and marketing and I already have a successful monetization strategy case (which we did within our homework, that is, it was checked by an expert). In addition, I also have experience in evaluating an Instagram account and in creating the most "selling" page appearance — one that attracts customers. Also I sold my own course on Instagram, thanks to which I understand how sales marketing strategies work in practice.

Process and results

First, we will evaluate how successfully the identity of the expert/product in the blog is revealed so far; if necessary, I’ll rewrite the blog development strategy using ALL possible tools (advertising, reels, video, etc). Further, depending on your goals, I’ll offer you possible options for monetization and development of your blog, so you can choose the most suitable strategy for you. Within our collaboration, I’ll manage your social networks: write a content plan, interact with followers and communicate with competitors, as well as create customer response templates for you, edit your stories where it’s necessary, and, if you need it, write an advertising offer for your account. In addition, I’ll analyze your blog and your competitors and suggest possible changes that can improve your page.

With a competent sales strategy and the fulfillment by the blogger of all the necessary conditions, we’ll launch a product that can later become an important part of your personal brand (it is implied if we write a long term strategy). In general, all results depend on your wishes, so it is discussed individually in any format convenient for you!