Yuliia bezsalova

Marketing and monetization
Format: online

Name and surname: Yuliia bezsalova

Link to the Instagram account: blogger_managerusa

Telegram username: @jjjuliajuli

Date of publication: 16.04

Price rate: a minimum payment

Expertise and experience
Process and results


At the beginning of our cooperation I’m ready to work as an intern.

Expertise and experience

My career started in Dubai in 2014. I was working as a sales manager and mainly as a business development manager for almost 6 years.
During my career I had the responsibility of developing and implementing new strategies and plans to make bigger sales, communicating with potential customers, and producing original content for websites.
In 2021 I moved to USA. And then I decided that I want to work with social media, specifically Instagram.
I have a passion for social media.
Now I finished the course Blogchain by Polina Nioly, so I’m ready to start working with bloggers on Instagram.

Process and results

As a blogger manager: Account audit, Target audience analysis, growing the number of followers, monetization strategy, daily reports to the client

Account and its popularity will grow constantly, new monetization channels
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