Lena Ivanova

Marketing and monetization
Format: online

Name and surname: Lena Ivanova 

Link to the Instagram account: ivlenochka

Telegram username: @iv_lenochka

Date of publication: 19.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The Strategy 800 $ (1 month) UNPACKING the personality 450 $ SOCIAL MEDIA manager — 1500 $ (1 month)

Expertise and experience

2 years of experience in this niche
I have bloggers on my client list who have over a million followers
The number of my clients and students is more than 300
Strategy (step by step) how to monetize the personal brand or services on social media
Sales through stories
Info products from zero till the end of sales

Process and results

1) A video call
2) Unpacking the personality
3) Create a plan and strategy for work 
4) SOCIAL MEDIA support (1 or 3 months)
5) Help with monetization

  • Monetization of your services through stories and Instagram blog 
  • Content plan (stories, posts) for one month + triggers for sales after unpacking the personality 
  • The Strategy for sales
  • Creation of product line
  • Creation of a selling webinar
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