Kristina Galushka

Marketing and monetization
Format: online

Name and surname: Kristina Galushka

Link to the Instagram account: christina_galushka

Telegram username: @chris_tina_g

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


  • Digital consultancy — $ 300 / 1 hour;
  • Marketing and Communication Consultancy — $ 500 /1−1,5 hour;
  • Social Media Marketing & Management -$ 2500 / monthly;
  • Marketing and Communication strategy (4−6 weeks) — $ 4000

Expertise and experience

I am an experienced and energetic Marketing & SMM Manager with over 4+ years of experience effectively managing marketing campaigns in Luxury and Fashion industry. Connecting well-academic and practical sides in social media management, I am developing marketing and SMM strategies for brands and bloggers, especially who are interested in AR and Metaverse. Currently I am studying Strategic Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion to build a profound and deep brand.

Process and results

I am going to provide 2 types of Consultancies, where I will analyse and give recommendations concerning Instagram Communication, Instagram brand design, DNA & Tone of Voice, Loyalty System, Offline Spaces (events, concept store, pop up), Extra channels: email marketing, site analysis.
SMM (monthly) — I will be responsible for the Content Strategy, Stories Content and Monetisation strategy.

Furthermore, I also develop a Marketing and Communication strategy for the long-term basis where I build Instagram Communication, Instagram brand design, the brand’s DNA & Tone of Voice, Promotion and Monetisation Strategy as well as digital and offline ways of communication.

You as a brand can increase the brand’s awareness and the engagement rate with the customers across all omnichannel communication touchpoints. In addition, we create a totally new method of communication with the current and potential clients using creativity and outstanding methods based on cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, we can produce and launch your special course or programs to boost your popularity on the market. Living and studying in the UK, I can communicate with international figures directly to promote you and your brand.