Anna Gauthier

ChatBots Creator
Format: online

Name and surname: Anna Gauthier

Link to the Instagram account: chatbotmake

Telegram username: @Anna_Gauthier

Date of publication: 19.04

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The cost of developing ChatBots starts from $ 300 and depends on complexity.

Expertise and experience

Over 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Work with both e-commerce and service companies. Various niches and business areas — from a ski resort to a furniture store and others. Launching advertising campaigns in Google and targeted advertising in Meta. Creating multi-functional ChatBots for Instagram.

Process and results

I don’t develop a soulless robot, I create your virtual assistant, who you can trust!
Your assistant will find the answer to frequently asked questions, thank followers for their comments and mentioning in stories, launch a quiz, test, giveaway, etc., send special offers, lead-magnet, ebook, etc., create a phone and email database, collect reviews and much, much more!
The creation of a ChatBot will be based on the individual characteristics of your blog and business!

ChatBots can reduce sales costs by up to 50%, eliminates the human factor, and allows you to be in touch with customers 24/7. With the automated communication and engagement, you’ll have extra time to focus your attention on making money!
For your blog — ChatBots boost your follower count, comments, and reactions!
Most followers and customers don’t see the difference between talking to a human or a ChatBot if it leads to the desired result!