Ekaterina Mineeva

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Ekaterina Mineeva

Link to the Instagram account:  katyswave

Telegram username: @katyswave

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: free

Expertise and experience
Process and results


For free.

Expertise and experience

I have managed my own blog on Instagram for 5 years. I know trends and what works best for this platform.

Also I have a Tik Tok account. Less than for a year I’ve gained 30,5k followers and several videos got more than 500k views. TikTok has the best working algorithm and I know how to get the best of it.

Process and results

I can help you to:
— define your target audience;
— unpack the personality and pack the account;
— come up with ideas for posts/ TikToks/Reels;
— create a stories plan for one day/week;
— edit pictures and videos;
— develop a promotion strategy.

As a result:
— you'll start gaining new active followers;
— we'll promote your products or services, and you’ll get new clients;
— we'll start building a personal brand or make it stronger by creating an excellent promotion plan for social media.