Maria Potapova

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Maria Potapova

Link to the Instagram account: mariewendall

Telegram username: @mariewendall

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


  • Full Instagram Promotion — $ 1000 + % of sales.
  • Partial Instagram Promotion (doesn't include posting and all the editing) — $ 800 + % of sales.
  • Promotion of TikTok/Pinterest/YouTube/Facebook — +$ 500 to the overall cost.
  • The first trial week — $ 150.
  • As a bonus for new clients — a free profile audit and 50 content ideas for your niche.
  • The 50% off-the-cost discount for the first month.

Expertise and experience

I have an over 1-year experience in promoting lifestyle bloggers, fitness influencers and also businesses of the food niche.

I helped my clients:
— build brand awareness by identifying the single style of their content;
— attract the target and solvent audience that are hooked on their content and personality;
— come up with outstanding content ideas;
— effectively use all the free and paid promotion tools;
— increase income on the social media.

Process and results

First, we organize a call where you describe all your goals and wishes about the blog and I send you the brief list to fill in.

Next, we define goals and I build a strategy that will help achieve desirable results.
After that, I create a content plan and write a list of content ideas with all the details and how it’s better to shoot. When you’ve filmed it, I edit them and create a posting schedule.
Within our cooperation I also implement promotion methods and work on your monetization.
I provide weekly and monthly reports and also track KPI.

With my experience, knowledge and work approach, I will turn your social media into a stable and growing business, build a loyal community and the awareness within your market niche and more.

I will save you a bunch of time, managing your social media, so that you will spend it on things that are more important for you.

Moreover, you’ll always stay motivated on filming content and invest your time in your blog thanks to my effective techniques that will help you enjoy the process and easily do it!