Julia Bocharova

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Julia Bocharova

Link to the Instagram account: julia_brva

Telegram username: @julia_brva

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The price starts from $ 790 for services as content manager — we choose topics and start making posts and stories in accordance with them to interest new followers. 1300 $ - this offer provides the content strategy + promotional and monetization strategies. 1900 $ - this offer includes an integrated promotional pack with all services mentioned above + ads materials for promotion with the help of influencers, launching a new product.

Expertise and experience

I have been working in this field for 3 years. I started with really small blogs on cooking, motherhood, psychology and teaching children with special needs. After that I started promoting finances, tarology, dancing and got good results in gaining new followers. Besides I’ve worked as a content manager in the niche of fashion (Baravia) and stylish haircuts.

Process and results

I’ll prepare a content-plan for posts and stories, help with moodboards for the visual of the feed, find the best way of monetization on individual approach, define the best promotional methods and tools, search for collaboration with other influencers for advertising, make warm-ups for the digital products, give consultations via zoom call on every step which may seem quite difficult to understand.

As a result my clients have:
— interested and engaged followers, who start being active and fall in love with the influencer;
— more new real followers, who can become new customers;
— clear undesrtanding of how it all works and how to make big money on Instagram;
— collaboration with influencers and brands;
— x2-x10 income from digital products (existing or new ones)
— beautiful and catchy account.