Alina Umarova

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Alina Umarova
Link to the Instagram account: _umarova_alina
Telegram username: @a_umarova

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


  • Audit of the account — 50 $
  • Content plan creation — 250 $ per month
  • Promotion strategy for the blog with ad presentation and negotiation with bloggers — 300 $
  • Everything regarding monetization strategy and launching the product — 300 $
  • All services included and general work as a manager regarding all the questions connected with the blog — 750 $

Expertise and experience

Right now I’m working with two clients.
The first one is my boyfriend who is a personal stylist, we are creating the account from the very beginning. The second one is my close friend, she is a nail master, we are also creating the account from scratch. Both of them want to promote their services. For both of them I’ve created the content plan, helped with TikTok and Reels scenarios, video editing, storytelling, meanings for the audience, personal brand, etc

Process and results

Depending on what client needs I’m ready to help with personal brand, account audit, finding target audience, choosing brand colors and creating blog concept, content, promotion and monetization.

If a client doesn’t have an account yet, but has an expertise in some spheres, we will create a new account from scratch with everything that’s written above to gain personal brand recognition and sell services.
If a client has a blog, I’ll help him get more target audience, increase amount of customers and personal brand recognition as well