Natalia Shchetneva

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Natalia Shchetneva

Link to the Instagram account: msnataliess

Telegram username: @msnataliess

Date of publication: 18.04

Price rate: less $1000

Expertise and experience
Process and results


I can work from Monday to Friday, sometimes even on weekends, it all depends on the project. Salary — $ 10 per hour or minimum $ 700 per month. If you need me to make a certain type of work (pack the account/define target audience/analyze the competitors/make a content plan, etc.) — $ 200

Expertise and experience

I’ve just finished an international course on personal brand promotion on social media "Blogchain", where I gained a lot of knowledge and practice. I created a promotion and monetization strategy, a visual concept for an Instagram profile, design and layouts for stories, made ads presentations, edited videos, analyzed the target audience of the blog and competitors, prescribed a monthly content plan, as well as a detailed content plan with posts and storytelling for stories. I know how to promote blogs on Instagram mainly, but I can also help you develop other social networks as promotion methods can be adapted.

Process and results

  • Unpacking personality and expertise of a client, analysis of the target audience and competitors, planning development of the blog
  • Drawing up a visual concept of social networks for the client + packing a blog
  • Drawing up a promotion and monetisation strategy of the blog
  • Writing content plans + making content itself (photos, videos, posts and stories: design and text)
  • Analysis of blog metrics (growth of followers, content interactions, budget on promotion, etc.)
  • Communication with followers, conducting surveys, etc.

You will have more free time, because I will be able to take on many tasks, while your blog will grow.
We will at least double the number of followers within a few months, that will help you make yourself or your brand more recognizable and get more customers.
All this will also allow you to participate in cool collaborations. With the help of followers growth and the right monetization strategy you will also increase your income on social media.