Anna Orekhova

Artist's manager
Format: online

Name and surname: Anna Orekhova 

Link to the Instagram account: annibrava

Telegram username: @annibrava

Date of publication: 19.04

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Full pack costs 300$ per month.

Expertise and experience

Great experience in working with people from different countries due to my past work experiences
2 years of experience managing an artist’s online store (Etsy, Shopify)
7 years of art school
NFT expert

Process and results

As I’m an artist myself, I’m looking for a creative person to work on your social media together and make you famous. A full pack of my services includes visual creation, content plan, promotion strategy, monetization strategy, feed and stories planning, copywriting.

I will bring you the desired results in the shortest possible time.
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