Olga Miloserdova

Blogging, SMM, personal branding, Visual & photography, Reels/TikTok
Format: online

Name and surname: Olga Miloserdova

Link to the Instagram account: kult_nail_lab

Telegram username: @olya_kult

Date of publication: 25.04

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Consultation (+ PDF file with recommendations and 30-days tracking after the consultation) — $ 150. Strategy (Reels / visual conception / promotion & monetization + audit) — $ 200.

Expertise and experience

I have been working with the company "Staleks" as their SMM-manager and content maker for 2 years. I’ve taught over 200 students as a curator on the course about content making. In the end of March 2022, I launched my own intensive course about social media promotion for the English-speaking audience. I was involved into working with visual conception and shooting for clothes, healthy food, jewelry accounts, etc., as a visual content photographer.

Process and results

Online options in the PDF format: visual conception, social media promotion + monetization strategy, Reels strategy, consultations (including an account audit, Q&A and 30-day tracking after the consultation). Offline options: content shooting, Reels shooting. I will need you to fill out a brief for clients that will allow me to build a unique plan of your business growth on social media.

You get a step-by-step guide for growing your account on social media, that depends on the direction chosen: Reels strategy, visual concept book, social media promotion + monetization strategy. The consultation includes answers to your questions about Instagram, its tools and how to use them.