Varvara Mamagulishvili

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Varvara Mamagulishvili

Link to the Instagram account: tamtam_finn

Telegram username: @Varya_tamtam

Date of publication: 19.04

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Consultation (1−2 calls (about an hour each) and a 40-min follow-up call) — 100 $; if you want me to work consistently on your project — 15 $/hour (up to 20 hours a week).

Expertise and experience

I’ve been working as an SMM specialist for 3 years. I’ve worked with corporate and personal accounts. As a corporate SMM specialist, I attracted over 100K followers for an international business company resulting in 3x sales growth in a year. As an SMM specialist for bloggers, I’ve helped 2 experts to unpack their personalities and grow their following.

Process and results

If you want a single consultation it will be one or two calls and one 40-minute follow-up. We will unpack your personality, determine the idea and a concept of your blog, discuss a strategy that will ease your way into blogging, and help you plan your marketing activities.

As a result of our work together you will receive (all of it or separate services): a Google Sheets table with a step-by-step blog development strategy; unpacking of your personality with guidelines on how you can use it in your blog; in case you plan to offer your online course you will receive guideline on how to launch and successfully sell your course and have buyers get results from it.
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