Ekaterina Azbukina

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Ekaterina Azbukina 

Link to the Instagram account: kateazbukina

Telegram username: @KateAzbukina 

Date of publication: 18.04

Price rate: less $500

Expertise and experience
Process and results


— Conduct a competitor analysis — $ 150 — Analyze the target audience and define the segments — $ 150 — Write posts for different text genres (for 1 theme with all the details how to record it, what to text on the slide and what to say out loud — $ 50) — Make a visual of the blog (stories and feed — $ 250) — Edit photos, reels, IG, stories and make them diverse — $ 150 — Brainstorming on content ideas — $ 20 (per idea) — Prepare the content plan (daily/monthly) — $ 20 / $ 500 — Build a monetization strategy — $ 100 per idea (with a full description) — Promotion strategy (month) — $ 500

Expertise and experience

Despite the fact that I have started in the field of SMM just 4 month ago (with the Blogchain course), I’ve learnt so much and can provide the best of my knowledge to the client. I can work on unpacking the personality as well as do a competitor analysis. Moreover, my entire life I have been writing, so it’s a chance for the client to get me as a copywriter as well.

Process and results

The services that I will provide depend much on the clien’t wishes. It can be either consultation where we can go through all the main details on unpacking personality or it can be a structured plan where we can analyze together the promotion and monetization strategies of the blog and create a content plan (week/month/3month) to attract as many followers as my client will set up on his wish-list.

The results will directly depend on our cooperation with the client. From my side, I will be available 5 days a week till 09:00 pm for my client. We will have ½ times a week zoom consultations where the work will be analyzed in all details. Whenever the client has a question, I’m there for him. Moreover, I promise that all the work that we have discussed is going to be done on time and with the best quality.
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