Yuliya Yablonska

Blogging, SMM, personal branding
Format: online

Name and surname: Yuliya Yablonska

Link to the Instagram account: juliayablony

Telegram username: @juliayablony

Date of publication: 16.04

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


The pricing of my services is based on the hourly rate of $ 28/hr. Overall, the full scope of the job will involve approximately 111hrs of work. Therefore, the full cost of the service is $ 3,108. The amount of work done per week can be decided by the client. Please also note that one of the conditions of work is that I cannot make direct changes to your account. For example, I can create a content plan for you, montage videos for Reels or Tik Tok and write posts, however you will then need to post them onto your social media accounts.

Expertise and experience

I have worked in the field of Social Media Marketing in Australia for more than half a year. My clients have been local experts in creative fields, such as dance teachers, clothing designers and videographers. I have assisted them in content creation with a goal of generating sales for their services/products through social media. Tasks that I did for them included: competitor and target audience analysis, personality unpacking, account revamp including the visual, content planning, warm-ups of followers for sales, promotion strategy.

I have been able to double the engagement on my clients' social media pages, and create additional sales. After just one consultation one of my clients, who was completely new in the field of video directing, gained 5 new clients. Another client in the field of dance teaching has created their own dance program for the first time and sold out all of the spots.

Process and results

We will work in four stages:
1. Establishing your brand positioning.
2. Revamping your social media account (s) to fit in with the positioning.
3. Content plan creation and content posting.
4. Promotion method selection and implementation.

Please note, depending on your needs these stages can be changed and removed. For example, if you have already achieved a strong brand image, we will not need to establish your brand positioning, unless you wish to redefine it.

1. We will find your uniqueness and differentiate you and your product from your competitors.
2. We will implement your brand positioning and uniqueness into your social media page and create an aesthetic visual that will make you stand out.
3. We will generate content that will increase reach and engagement of the existing followers & achieve a higher reach of the non-followers.
4. Lastly, we will develop and implement a suitable promotion strategy that will allow you to grow your audience and increase demand towards your services/products.