Anna Alferova

Full name: Anna Alferova
Language level: А2
Link to an Instagram account: Annyshka_al
Telegram nickname: @Annnnysha_al

Price rate: Free

Expertise and experience


For free

Expertise and experience

At the moment, my experience is not great, only the preparation of homework. My first independent work was a guide. I really like the process of creating each page and filling it.🤩
There is experience in creating a landing page consisting of five blocks.
My experience is not very big yet and consists of completed homework, but I have huge plans for the near future!


Before starting work, I will contact you to determine the day and time for the briefing
— I'm sending you a brief to study your order and requirements
— I select a mudboard and references to coordinate the style of future work
— Creating a draft version of the work
— I am coordinating a draft version with you
— I'm finalizing the work to the final version
— I give you the work and make edits (up to 3 edits for free)


At the end of the work, the result will be obtained:
— Elaborated and coordinated with the final version with the client.
— High-quality performance of work will be achieved
— An original and informative website has been developed
— A unique combination of graphics of the brand and the company will receive a corporate and unique style.
— At the end of the work, all the goals and objectives set with the client will be achieved!