Sofia Nikiforova

Full name: Sofia Nikiforova
Language level: В1
Link to an Instagram account: olaks_n
Telegram nickname: @Olaks_n

Price rate: Free

Expertise and experience


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Expertise and experience

I have studied and successfully completed all the assignments of the Nioly school course. As part of this course I created multiple guides, checklists, and landing pages. In addition to this I developed 10 story designs, an Instagram post-style design guide for an influencer, designs for marketing information products and courses, and I am constantly learning new techniques and enhancing my skill set.


Every business, from a small influencer to a large brand, needs to have a style that stands out and conveys their identity. It’s important to stand out and be memorable.

My design skills include:
— Finding the right style for your business
— Packaging information products to market to your viewers
— Social Media Stories to grab attention
— Landing pages, and much more!

When working with me, you can expect the following steps:
1. Getting to know you and your project needs.
2. Meeting in a time and platform that is most comfortable for you, and talk about the scale and timeline that fits your needs.
3. We will come to an agreement, and get started!

While I work on your project, we will have several opportunities to test possible designs, and it will include edits to make sure you are most satisfied.


When working with me, you are guaranteed a high level of service, and a well executed project to reflect this. A professional and thoughtful design is one of the most important tools for success, it will distinguish your project from the others. In a competitive market, you should invest in a premium design to attract your target audience, increase your activity and in turn, your sales. When working with me, you’ll find that I am always giving you my best, I dedicate myself to my work, and take initiative to suggest my ideas to you, as well as give you frequent progress reports and listen to your feedback.