Kristina Zamorskaya

Full name: Kristina Zamorskaya
Language level: В1
Link to an Instagram account: kr_ooops
Telegram nickname: @kr_ooops

Price rate: Up to $100

Expertise and experience


Business card — from 4 $; Checklist — from 14 $; Guide — from 31 $; Site layout — from 63 $; Landing — from 42 $; Product redesign — always negotiated individually.

Expertise and experience

I worked on creating guides, checklists, website layouts, themed phone screensavers, small landing pages.
I created these products both in different styles and in compliance with a single design (for example, Guide + Check-List + Landing page on the topic "Photography").
I built the entire process of creating an information product myself (based on the knowledge gained in the course "Designers") — from the selection of references to the icons in the footer of the site.
I also work with the creation of business cards, I try my hand at creating logos.
In addition, I practice the redesign of websites, information products.


After receiving a request for the provision of a service, I independently study information about the client (social networks, posts, articles) to build an image of the product.
Next, we will conduct a short interview, where we will discuss the goals and objectives of the project.
Next, I will analyze all the answers and for this area / product I will find common trends, features, analyze the mistakes of competitors.
After that, I start creating a project / product moodboard — what kind of concept do I see and send it to the client for approval.
Now is the time to start looking for specific ideas / selection of references — styles, colors, specific features, examples of product blocks.
Then the practical part begins, in which I create our project and, if necessary, make changes.


As a result, the client receives a finished product that meets the stated goals and objectives.
Gets customers who buy/download the product and leave reviews.
Gets new clients who will only get acquainted with the activities of my client.
Also those customers who will be interested in future products.
The client himself receives satisfaction from the work done and aims for future cooperation.