Valeria Zhikharevich

Format: online

Name and surname: Valeria Zhikharevich
Link to the Instagram account: lullaby_vs
Telegram username: @valle_le

Date of publication: 14.08

Price rate: negotiable

Expertise and experience
Process and results


Hourly payment or per project (tbd)

Expertise and experience

I study graphic design at university. Also I do photography/visual and personal branding. Worked as a freelance designer for more than a year. Interned at an online magazine, was creating visual content for them. Worked as a photographer for restaurants and freelance.

Process and results

I can design all kinds of printing products (posters, business cards, etc.); create full branding for a brand (logo, concept, colors, packaging); as well as manage social media and create visual content for it.

Complete minimalistic, yet fashionable design. Updated visual/ professional photographs/ full personal branding