Lidia Sulimenko

Full name: Lidia Sulimenko
Language level: В1
Link to an Instagram account: lidiasulimenko
Telegram nickname: @iam_liasy

Price rate: Free

Expertise and experience


For free

Expertise and experience

The biggest work was the packaging of the info product for the English teacher, the new design really appealed to both the older generation, and attracted the attention of the younger ones. In addition to this, most of the experience was obtained in the design process, it helped a lot with this challange. On it I did tasks to create landing pages, store pages, various guides and checklists, and also redesigned sites and guides, did an audit of other works.


Work with me will take place in the following order:
1. A small questionnaire (to get general information about the client and his preferences);
2. analysis of the received information;
3. Calling (or correspondence by client’s request) to discuss the work and all the details;
4. Development of the layout in Figma;
5. Presentation of the layout, edits (up to 5 lists of edits);
6. Typing on the squiggle and adaptive (if necessary);
7.Shipping finished work.


The client will receive:
1. A product that will solve his problems;
2. Visual enjoyment of his project;
3. The finished result within the set deadline;
4. An aesthetic user path to purchase.

I will get:
1. an interesting experience;
2. If the client is okay with it, a new case;
3. a new acquaintance.