Svetlana Karpushina

Full name: Svetlana Karpushina
Language level: В2
Link to an Instagram account: svtkrp
Telegram nickname: @svtkrp

Price rate: Free

Expertise and experience


For free

Expertise and experience

My main area of ​​work now is web development for hire (I'm a software engineer), but I’m also very interested in web design. Passed the design course by Nioly and developed several designs and sites for practicing skills and 1 site on Tilda to order.


1) Will discuss a work plan depending on your task.
2) Will create a mood board for your future design.
3) The design will be developed for your site.
If you want to create the site itself:
4) Will discuss the builder or tech stack on which the site will be made.
5) The site will be developed, tested and handed over to you in full. I can also help with placing the site on a hosting/server.


Depending on the task:
1) Designed site layout in Figma and pdf
2) Site on any site builder (Wix, Tilda, Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, etc.)
3) Website developed from scratch of any complexity (html/css/js + back-end + database)